JUAS trains engineers from SESAME for the International Atomic Energy Agency

Two electrical engineers from SESAME (Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East), the international science centre outside Amman, Jordan, just completed the second course of JUAS on technologies and applications of particle accelerators.


Working on power converters for the SESAME accelerators, Obadah Manasrah and Sabri Shawar benefitted from a training grant within the technical cooperation programme of the IAEA in Vienna, which selected JUAS as the training school able to provide “a good all-round course… in accelerator engineering”. Obadah and Sabri integrated well with the class of master and doctoral students as well as other professionals, attending the complete programme of lectures, tutorials and seminars and participating in practical sessions and laboratory visits, as well as social events. “We really appreciated the mix of theoretical and practical exercises and we liked that the lessons are taught using different methods,” said Obadiah.


Both of them already see the positive impact that this broadening of knowledge will have on the development of their careers at SESAME.

Juas and SESAME

S. Shawar and O. Manasrah testing electronic circuits they built during the practical session at BERGOZ INSTRUMENTATION