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JUAS 2019 students design a synchrotron light source

In parallel with their intense curriculum of lectures, tutorials and laboratory visits, the students of the JUAS 2019 course on “The physics of particle accelerators” have conducted an accelerator design workshop (pictures 1 and 2 below) and presented the results to their peers in a dedicated session on 1st February (pictures 3 and 4 below).


Working in groups under the supervision of Dr. Phil Bryant, who has designed synchrotrons for specific applications, they were given the task to upgrade an existing machine, thus bringing in and testing new ideas while meeting a number of pre-existing constraints. With study groups on lattice design including undulators, tune and chromaticity control, space charge, injection, closed-orbit correction and RF, the students covered many aspects of accelerator design in spite of the limited time allocated to the exercise. Louis Rinolfi and Philippe Lebrun, respectively previous and present directors of JUAS also attended the presentations.


JUAS synchrotron 1
JUAS synchrotron 2
JUAS synchrotron 3
JUAS synchrotron 4