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JUAS 2019 students visit the Paul Scherrer Institute

On 21st and 22nd February, the students of the JUAS 2019 course on “The technology and applications of particle accelerators” travelled to Villigen (Switzerland) for two days of lectures, seminars and visits at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences in Switzerland which exploits several world-class accelerator facilities (photo 1).


Greeted by Philipp Dijkstal and Barbara Ajmo, who had organized the visit and its perfect logistics, the students attended the lectures of Elke Zimoch on Accelerator Controls and the seminar of Benedikt Hermann on “accelerators on a chip”. Micha Dehler introduced the Swiss Light Source synchrotron before its visit guided by Federica Malone and Jörg Raabe (photo 2). Marco Schippers presented hadron therapy (photo 3), followed by a visit of the Center for Proton Therapy accompanied by Martin Grossmann and Sairos Safai.


On the next day, Florian Löhl introduced PSI’s flagship project, the Swiss Free-Electron Laser (SwissFEL), to the students who later visited its end stations, accompanied by Rasmus Ischebeck and Chris Milne. Finally, Joachim Grillenberger gave a tour of the High-Intensity Proton Accelerator, one of the largest cyclotrons in the world.