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Career opportunities
ESIPAP regularly receives information on career opportunities in the field of particle detectors and instrumentation, which we happily communicate on the website and via social networks. 

ESI takes no responsibility for the content of any such relayed advertisements.


June 2021

CEA-IRFU (Saclay, Paris, France) has opened a position for a two-year post-doctoral research fellow to work in a team on the development of Micromegas detectors for measurements at neutron beam facilities.

Deadline for applications : 31 August 2021

More information HERE


CERN (Geneva, Switzeland) has a Computing Fellowship position for a Developer for the FCC computing environment working at completing and improving the analysis framework, built around ROOT RDataFrame, with respect to the handling of algorithms of common interest and the interface with the Monte Carlo production system.

Deadline for applications : 20 July 2021.

More information HERE


CEA Cadarache (Saint-Paul-les-Durance, France) recrute un docteur/ingénieur de recherche avec des compétences en instrumentation nucléaire, simulation MonteCarlo et traitement de données (ROOT, Python ...) sur le projet européen MULTISCAN-3D (H2020) INSPECTION DES CONTENEURS MARITIMES.

Plus d'information ICI


May 2021

The ILL - Institut Laue-Langevin (Grenoble, France) is recruiting a Post-doctoral fellow with a focus on development of instrumentation for production of Very Cold Neutrons (VCNs) and experiments on production and storage of Ultra Cold Neutrons (UCNs). 

More information HERE


Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada) invites applications for a postdoctoral fellow position based at CERN on the ATLAS experiment at the LHC to take a leading operational role in an area such as e/gamma performance, muon software and simulation, tracking and reconstruction, particle flow algorithm and jets, NSW DQ monitoring, ITk deployment, detector commissioning or in-situ performance.

More information HERE


University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) (Groningen, the Netherlands) is looking for a post-doctoral fellow in radiation physics with a focus on preclinical particle therapy research.

Note deadline for applications: 6 June 2021

More information HERE


Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (Villeurbanne, France) has an opening for a Professor of Electrical Engineering - Signal processing with a particular interest in signal and image processing for medical ultrasound (US) imaging.

More information in French and English HERE


Université Clermont Auvergne  (Clermont-Ferrand, France) is offering a PhD research contract entitled "Search for the coherent neutrinoless transition of a muon to an electron in a muonic atom with the COMET experiment at J-Parc" to join its R&D team to develop and customize Non-Destructive Diagnostics instruments for low current measurements in particle accelerators.

Note deadline for applications: 23 May 2021

More information HERE


The CEA (LCAE/LIST laboratoriesParis-Saclay, France) is opening an 18-month temporary position for a PhD/engineer in applied nuclear physics to contribute to the development a specific detector based on a fast scintillator coupled of SiPM sensor for on line FLASH beam monitoring.

More information HERE


April 2021

Bergoz Instrumentation (Saint-Genis Pouilly, France - close to CERN) is looking to recruit a permanent Project Manager - Instrumentation & Scientific Measurement to join its R&D team to develop and customize Non-Destructive Diagnostics instruments for low current measurements in particle accelerators.

For more information click HERE


CREATIS (Lyon, France), is offering a two-year post-doctoral position in Artificial Intelligence and Monte Carlo simulations in medical physics: investigating Angular Response Functions for SPECT image simulation with neural network, a collaboration between researchers from CREATIS lab and the nuclear medicine department of the Léon Bérard cancer center. It is funded by the European project POPEYE.

For more information, click HERE 


CREATIS (Lyon, France), propose une thèse de doctorat (PhD) en Imagerie optique fonctionnelle de repos en neurochirurgie pour l’identification peropératoire des fonctions cérébrales. La thèse reposera sur les travaux préliminaires déjà engagé et publiés pour certains et se déroulera à CREATIS, laboratoire de recherche appliquée à l’imagerie médicale associé au CNRS et à l’INSERM. Ce laboratoire de recherche multidisciplinaire constitue un environnement scientifique et technologique stimulant au coeur du domaine scientifique de la Doua à Lyon qui regroupe notamment l’INSA de Lyon et l’Université Lyon 1.

For more information, click HERE 


March 2021

CEA Saclay is offering a 2-year post-doc position in the development of optical Micromegas readout for beta imaging and neutron radiography. The successful applicant will work closely with gaseous detector physicists (DEDIP/IRFU) and image reconstruction specialists (LCAE/LIST).

For more information, click HERE  (pdf file)


Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron DESY (Zeuthen-Berlin, Germany) is offering a PhD position at its PITZ facility to develop suitable detection and dosimetry methods for FLASH radiation therapy, making use of the detector expertise developed for particle, astroparticle and accelerator physics applications at DESY Zeuthen in cooperation with national and international partners.

Find all information, including the online application HERE  (external website)