Joint Universities Accelerator School
Title Family Name Given Name Lecture / Seminar Institute
Dr. Alemany Reyes The CERN Accelerator Network CERN
Dr. Alesini David Linacs INFN
Dr. Antoniou Fanouria Linear Imperfections & Non-Linear Effects  CERN
Dr. Assmann Ralph Laser Plasma acceleration DESY
Dr. Baglin Vincent Vacuum Systems CERN
Dr. Bartosik Hannes Linear Imperfections & Non-Linear Effects CERN
Dr. Bauche Jérémie Mini-workshop Normal Conducting Magnets & Magnets Practical work CERN
Dr. Bergoz Julien Experimental work Bergoz Instrumentation
Dr. Biarrotte Jean-Luc Accelerator Driven Systems IPN Orsay
Dr. Bousson Sebastien High Current Proton Linacs IPN Orsay
Dr. Bozzolan Michele RF Engineering + RF Practical work CERN
Dr. Bruning Oliver LHC & Future High-Energy Circular Collider CERN
Dr. Bryant Phil Introduction to Accelerator Design & Mini-workshop Machine Design CERN
Dr. Caspers Fritz RF Engineering Superconducting RF Cavities CERN
Dr. De Conto Jean-Marie Particle optics LPSC
Dr. Farabolini Wilfrid Beam measurements on CLEAR CERN
Dr. Ferracin Paolo Superconducting Magnets CERN
Dr. Fiscarelli Lucio Magnets Practical work CERN
Dr. Fleiter Jerome Superconductivity Practical work CERN
Dr. Forck Peter Beam Instrumentation GSI
Dr. Fuster Nuria MAD-X tutorial CERN
Dr. Henke Heino Relativity & Electro-magnetism Berlin University
Dr. Hermann Benedikt Novel Accelerators on a chip PSI
Dr. Ischebeck Rasmus Synchrotron Radiation PSI
Dr. Jacquot Bertrand Cyclotrons GANIL
Dr. Kersevan Roberto Vacuum Systems CERN
Dr. Kleeven Wiel Acc. for Medical & Industrial Applications IBA
Dr. Latina Andrea Transverse Beam Dynamics CERN
Dr. Lebrun Philippe Superconducting Magnets: cryogenics & Building Large Accelerators with Industry CERN
Dr. Metral Elias Longitudinal Beam Dynamics CERN
Dr. Meyroneinc Samuel Life-cycle & reliabtiliy of particle accelerators Institut CURIE
Dr. Migliorati Mauro Space Charge & Instabilities University of Rome
Dr. Milanese Attilio Introduction to Magnets CERN
Prof. Miralbell Raymond Radiation Oncology : biology, physics & clinical application HUG
Dr. Mondelaers Wim Low Energy Electron Accelerators Ghent University
Dr. Morales Hector MAD-X tutorial CERN
Prof. Mostacci Andrea Introduction to RF University of Rome
Dr. Perron Thomas Injection / Extraction ESRF
Dr. Prat Eduard Free Electron Laser PSI
Dr. Queralt Xavier Radiation safety ISIS
Dr. Rinolfi Louis Future high energy linear colliders CERN
Dr. Salvant Benoit Longitudinal Beam Dynamics CERN
Dr. Schippers Marco Accelerator for Hadron Therapy PSI
Dr. Schoerling Daniel Mini-workshop Superconducting Magnets CERN
Dr. Sterbini Guido Introduction to MAD-X CERN
Dr. Thuillier Thomas Particle Sources LPSC
Prof. Vaccaro Vittorio History of Particle Accelerators University of Naples
Dr. Vretenar Maurizio European Projects for Collaborative Accelerator R&D CERN
Dr. Wendt Manfred RF Engineering & RF Practical work CERN
Dr. Zickler Thomas Normal Conducting Magnets CERN
Dr. Zimoch Elke Accelerators Controls PSI