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Joint Universities Accelerator School
8 January - 16 March 2018, Archamps, France


Taught by leading European particle accelerators specialists, JUAS delivers a regularly updated, academically accredited training programme in partnership with CERN and a cluster of 16 European universities.


The school comprises 2 five-week courses: 

  • Course 1 (8 Jan. - 9 Feb.): The science of particle accelerators

  • Course 2 (12 Feb. - 16 March): The technology and applications of particle accelerators

Each course is concluded by examinations which allow students to earn ECTS credits attributed by their home university.


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JUAS is organised by the European Scientific Institute in partnership with 16 major European Universities and CERN:












United Kingdom


JUAS is sponsored by major European research laboratories and collaborations : ACCELENCE, ALBA, ARIES , CERN,  CEA, CNRS-IN2P3, DESY, ESRF, ESS Lund, GSI, HZB, INFN, STFC-ISIS, JAI, KIT, OMA, PSI, SOLEIL and by industry: Bergoz Instrumentation , COMPUTER CONTROLS , LINKTRONIX , PMB .



JUAS Director :

Philippe Lebrun, CERN


JUAS Deputy Director :

Elias Metral, CERN


JUAS Logistics & Administration :

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