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Closing Ceremony 2015

BioHealth Computing graduate, Milena Lazic, receives her Masters diploma from UJF President Patrick Lévy.

After a year of intensive study and research, the 2014-2015 class of the BioHealth Computing Erasmus Mundus programme rejoined the summer school in Archamps to defend their project thesis in front of an international jury.


Students also took the opportunity to engage in in-depth exchanges with two Archamps-based biotech companies: Geneuro innovation , represented by Raphaël Faucard PhD, Director of Early Stage Development and Transcure BioServices , represented by CSO Jean-François Mayol.


Eleven students successfully defended their thesis and on Friday 28th August, received their diplomas from Prof. Patrick Lévy, President of the Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble, during a graduation ceremony held at Archamps Technopole's convention centre.


The graduation ceremony was followed by a round-table discussion on "Big Data and Healthy Living Technologies", chaired by BioHealth Computing coordinator, Prof. Philippe Sabatier. Panel members each made a short presentation on the subject before engaging in a lively discussion, taking questions from both students and invited guests. The concluding remarks were provided by Patrick Lévy.


Round Table - Frédérick Bordry

CERN's Frédérick Bordry at the BioHealth Computing round table on "Big Data and Healthy Living Technologies"

To see the presentations, click on the link underneath the name of the panel member.


Dr. Hans Hoffmann, President of ESI: Technological advances through collective intelligence

Round-table HOFFMANN (application/pdf 1.08 MB)



Prof. Christophe Pison, Grenoble University Hospital Clinic of Pneumology: Paradigm shift in medicine - why we must change?

Round-table PISON (application/pdf 1.11 MB)



Dr. Frédérick Bordry, CERN Director for Accelerators & Technology: CERN Systems approach: a relevant model for medicine?

Round-table BORDRY (application/pdf 1.80 MB)



Dr. Charles Auffray, President of the European Institute for Systems Biology and Medicine: From Genomics to Systems Medicine - uniting worldwide efforts into a joint collaboration

Round-table AUFFRAY (application/pdf 7.79 MB)



Prof. Damjana Rozman, Education Director of Coordination Action for Systems Medicine (CASyM): Implementation of systems Medicine across Europe

Round-table ROZMAN (application/pdf 1.75 MB)



Prof. Pierre Gillois, Education Coordinator, EIT-Health (France): EIT-Health's mission in education and innovation

Round-table GILLOIS (application/pdf 1.09 MB)