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January 2016 : JUAS Course 1 Opening Day!

Archamps, 11th January 2016


JUAS 2016 Course 1 Group

Course 1 Students at the opening of JUAS 2016.

In the foreground, JUAS Director, Dr. Louis Rinolfi (centre) with ESI Président, Dr. Hans Hoffmann (left) and Dr. Philippe Lebrun, JUAS Director designate (right).

It was doubtless with mixed emotions that Dr. Louis Rinolfi officiated at today’s opening of the 23rd session of the Joint Universities Accelerator School, Dr. Rinolfi’s sixth and last as JUAS Director. In attendance was Dr. Philippe Lebrun, formerly head of CERN’s Accelerator Technology department, who will be taking over the running of JUAS after the April meeting of the JUAS Advisory Board.


JUAS 2016 opened with the first of its two five-week courses, Science and Physics of Particle Accelerators, which will run until 11th February.

A total of 26 of Europe’s leading particle accelerator specialists will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with 40 students coming from 11 countries, including JUAS partner universities in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the UK. As well as Master and PhD students, JUAS Course 1 will be welcoming professionals from ESRF (Grenoble), CEA (Saclay), the Czech Proton Therapy Centre (Prague), and Bergoz Instrumentation (St. Genis-Pouilly).

For Dr. Phil Bryant’s workshop on accelerator design, students will have the opportunity to use ESI’s brand new computer facility.


To mark the opening of JUAS 2016, Prof. Vittorio Vaccaro of Naples’ Federico II University, gave the inaugural seminar on the History of Particle Accelerators.

The seminar programme is one of several innovations Louis Rinolfi has brought to JUAS, a direct consequence of his highly successful campaign to secure sustainable support from leading European research facilities and companies .

Seminars given in Course 1 will cover topics as diverse as Future High-Energy Circular and Linear Colliders, Free Electron Lasers, the LHC injector chain and Laser Plasma Acceleration.


Due to security restrictions imposed by the current State of Emergency in France, the usual visit to ESRF in Grenoble has unfortunately had to be cancelled. But every cloud has a silver lining and JUAS and ESI are extremely grateful to the Swiss Plasma Center at the EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, who have accepted to host a visit of their Tokamak facility. We hope that this marks the start of a fruitful collaboration.


Another development initiated by Dr. Rinolfi concerns the opportunity for selected students to spend a full “hands-on” day in the control rooms of the synchrotrons at ESRF (Grenoble) and SOLEIL (Saclay).


More news will follow in February with the opening of Course 2: Technologies and Applications of Particle Accelerators.