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January 2015 - JUAS a rousing success !
JUAS 2015 students

Students and faculty in front of the ESI building

The 22nd session of the Joint Universities Accelerator School is currently underway at ESI's Archamps Technopole facilities in Haute-Savoie, just across the border from Geneva and CERN. 


56 students from 16 countries are attending all or part of the programme.


Under the direction of Dr. Louis Rinolfi, a renowned particle physicist who has spent the best part of his professional career at CERN, JUAS offers ten weeks of theoretical and practical courses on the physics, technologies and applications of particle accelerators.


JUAS' originality lies in its truly collaborative nature. The school is integrated into the Master degree programme of 15 European universities. The JUAS faculty numbers 45 European experts, twenty of whom are working at CERN. 


Besides lectures and tutorials, the JUAS programme includes a number of visits to regional facilities including CERN, ESRF (Grenoble), PSI (Zurich) and Geneva University Hospital. Practical works are organised at CERN as well as at the local company BERGOZ INSTRUMENTATION which gives over a whole day to workshops and exchanges between staff and students.