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May 2016 : IPAC'16, Busan, South Korea - A testimony from David AMORIM
IPAC'16, Busan, South Korea

"From left to right, Frédéric Chautard, Guido Sterbini, Maria Kastriotou, Alexandre Lasheen, Johannes Steinmann and David Amorim, lecturers and former JUAS students" 

The recipient of this year’s EPS-AG/JUAS grant was David Amorim, a 2nd year Master’s student at Grenoble INP. Here David describes his experience at the International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC), held in May this year in Busan, South Korea


The oral presentations given during IPAC covered a range of topics such as accelerator commissioning, beam dynamics and laser-plasma acceleration. This large scope of subjects allowed me to discover and learn more about current projects conducted around the world and the latest development in accelerator physics.


The poster sessions held at the end of each day, after the talks, were an opportunity to get greater insight into specific subjects. More than 1200 persons were present at the conference and the same number of posters and contributions were presented. The range of topics covered was broad and allowed me to gain much useful information for my current work topic: instabilities in hadron accelerators.


During the poster sessions I had the opportunity to present a work on the multipactor phenomenon carried out last year at LPSC in Grenoble, France. Several persons showed interest in this subject opening up the possibility of follow-on discussions.

This poster session and the associated written contribution to the conference proceedings were also a great opportunity to improve my skills in scientific communication.


IPAC was also the occasion to meet many former JUAS students who shared with me their past and current work experience. The great number of persons present at the conference allowed me to discuss and share experiences with a wide range of people from different academic backgrounds working in a variety of institutes or industries. All in all, it was a great experience and I thank JUAS for giving me the opportunity to attend this international conference.