Joint Universities Accelerator School
JUAS at IPAC 2017
IPAC: 14 - 19 May 2017


IPAC 2017

(Former student) Chengguo Pang, (JUAS Director) Philippe Lebrun,(Former student and laureate of the JUAS grant for IPAC 2017) Sofia Kostoglou

JUAS Director, Philippe Lebrun was in Copenhagen, Denmark from 14-19 May 2017 for IPAC’17, the Eighth International Particle Accelerator Conference.

Hosted by ESS Lund, MAX IV Lund and Aarhus University, the event attracted 1358 delegates from 40 countries. The rich programme included 41 invited oral presentations along with another 50 contributed oral presentations and more than 1500 poster presentations, including a special Student Poster Session.


Of particular interest to JUAS, whose role in the training of new generations of European accelerator physicists and engineers is widely attested, was the special session on Engagement with Industry and Industrial exhibition with no less than 114 exhibitors.


JUAS was the sole accelerator school represented in the exhibition/poster area, with a stand manned (or should we say “personned”) by Philippe Lebrun and the recipient of the JUAS 2017 IPAC award, Sofia Kostoglou, a first-year doctoral student from the National Technical University of Athens currently undertaking her research at CERN on the impact of low, medium and high frequency noise effects in the evolution of transverse beam profiles in the LHC and HL-LHC.  


The stand generated a lot of interest and was visited by a number of former JUAS students and potential supervisors of future JUAS students from a wide range of laboratories and universities.