Joint Universities Accelerator School
Joint Universities Accelerator School



Taught by leading European particle accelerators specialists, JUAS delivers a regularly updated, academically accredited training programme in partnership with CERN and a cluster of 16 European universities.

JUAS Course 2

JUAS Course 2

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The school comprises 2 five-week courses: 

  • Particle Accelerator Science

  • Particle Accelerator Technology and Applications


Each course is concluded by examinations which allow students to earn ECTS credits attributed by their home university.





JUAS is organised by the European Scientific Institute in partnership with 16 major European Universities and CERN:












United Kingdom


JUAS is sponsored by major European research laboratories and collaborations : ALBA , CERNCEA, CNRS-IN2P3 , DESY , DIAMOND , ELETTRA , ESRF , ESS Lund , EuCARD² , GANIL , GSI , HZB , INFN , STFC-ISIS , JAI,   KIT , oPAC,  PSISOLEIL and by industry: Bergoz Instrumentation , COMPUTER CONTROLS , LINKTRONIX .


JUAS Director

Philippe Lebrun, CERN  
Mobile: +41 75 411 4079


Elias Metral, CERN: Deputy director